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Supermutants among humans!

Watch these Supermutants as they take over the Muscle Beach Pit


On the 12th of August 2013, four supermutants suddenly came to visit the Venice Beach in California. Everyone got excited by seeing these mutants walking among them. The motto of these supermutants is to ‘leave humanity behind’ and they live accordingly. Rich Piana, Renaldo Gary, Gabe Moen and Ron Partlow, the four massive and awesome bodybuilders took over the Muscle Beach Pit. A few guys followed them and started filming this event. As per their motto, these fellows started working out and displayed some serious exercise by working out with very heavy weights. People were in awe and they gathered all around to observe them. Young lads also got motivated by watching them and started exercising. People took out their cameras and smartphones and started shooting the photographs of the aliens crazily and when requested, these good-natured supermutants even posed for them and got photographed with the people.

Watch the video and get inspired, maybe one day you will become a supermutant too!

The complete video can be watched here: