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Advice for Racing

Ways to Help you Train for a Race


If you are training for a race or already beginning to start a new race, you need techniques and strategies to help you cross the finish line. There are ways to conserve you energy and maximize your output. In this article, some tips are provided which will make your runs, marathons and races success.

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Do a negative split: The last thing you want to do is hit the wall when you’re in the middle of your run, so doing a negative split is a smart way to conserve energy while still running for time. Negative splits also help your body warm up safely and help you recover after your run quicker.

Walk-run-walk: Called the Galloway method after Olympian Jeff Galloway, who popularized it, mixing running intervals with walking breaks can actually help you have a faster time overall, because incorporating walking breaks into your long run helps you prevent leg fatigue by distributing effort across all muscles.

Author: Leta Shy

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