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The Fat Kid who Transformed into the Exact Opposite

Meet Adam Foster, the Bodybuilding Champion who used to be a fat boy


Adam Foster used to be a fat kid who struggled with the problem of overeating. He would eat plenty of junk food including chips and crisps and he did not exercise at all. His daily food intake consisted of chips and a heavy dinner so he was struggling with being overweight. During his mid-teens Adam decided to exercise and started monitoring his food intake. As a result of his efforts, he became very skinny and underweight. Adam completely transformed his life after winning Eddy Ellwood, who earned the title ‘Mr. Universe’ for five times. After getting inspiration, Adam worked extremely hard and completely transformed himself to an award winning bodybuilder.

Read the complete story and get inspired! You may also follow the same path!

At his heaviest Adam tipped the scales at nearly 16st and suffered with low self-esteem.

I started lifting weights around the age of 16, first at home and then in the gym. I remember hearing others did this and I hoped it was the road to success.

But despite hitting the gym, I still struggled with overeating. At 20 years old I weighed my heaviest at 219lbs and I didn’t have the muscle I have today.”


Inspired by his meeting with the Mr Universe champion, at his gym, Xtreme Fitness in Hartlepool, Adam decided to transform his diet.

He adopted a high-protein lifestyle with meals supplied by specialist retailer

I kick-started my fitness as it is today and didn’t look back. It was meeting Eddy that got the ball rolling,” said Adam.

He taught me simple tricks, like incorporating more cardio into my routine, and his success was just inspirational.”

He said: “People should seek out the advice of someone reputable. My biggest progress was with someone who’d been there, so not necessarily a fitness instructor.


“My food choices change, as I aim for a set of macronutrients each day (these are carb, protein and fat goals),” he said.

“However a typical day of eating through the week would be as follows.”

Porridge/cereal/baby rice/ ground rice

5 scrambled eggs

Rice, Ground Turkey, Veggies

Rice, Chicken, Veggies

Rice, Fish, Veggies

Protein & Carb drink after a workout

Potato/Sweet Potato with Beef

Protein Shake or Egg before bed

Author: Laura Mitchell

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